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Facet solves three common problems, frequent across all industries and company sizes. Clients often struggle to:

  1. Identify, engage with, and/or hire top-quality candidates
  2. Fill open roles quickly while maintaining high company and culture standards 
  3. Meet hiring goals with limited staff

Together we’re transforming the way we work

1.     Quality candidates
 The best talent isn't often #OpenToWork - they are happily employed at amazing companies, making an impact. However, the majority of these individuals are open to new opportunities.
Most recruiting services focus on capturing talent actively looking for roles - Facet accesses the group of people passively looking, while ALSO capturing the qualified active market.

2.     Quickly fill open (hard to fill) roles
 By leveraging our proprietary attribute-matching and AI-based software, we can upload your open role's job description to our platform and INSTANTLY match with up to thousands of viable candidates. These candidates get notified they've matched to a potential role that meets their salary expectations, qualifications, and experience level. If they are interested, we screen and submit qualified candidates to your hiring manager. This means we will get your first candidates in less than 72 hours.
3.     Limited staff with big quotas and upcoming deadlines
 Facet has a variety of services to fit each company's individual needs. We have candidates all over the globe and recruiting teams specialized in nearshore / offshore hiring. Whether you just need a supplemental, temporary, specially trained recruiter to offset the workload, or you've spent 3 months trying to find the right CXO, we can help you!

Key Features

-       Recruiter-on-demand (RPO) | Hourly Rate
-       Full-time Hiring | Contingency (you don't pay unless you hire!)
-       Contract Hiring | Contingency
-       Executive-level Search & Placement | Retainer 

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Supported Regions