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Oyster partners with the world's most trusted companies, so you can feel confident you're building the best possible experience for your distributed team.
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Global Talent Made Simple

Growing your team is an exciting time and attracting the best talent is often challenging and time consuming. As a Global Talent partner to Oyster we enable you to take back your time and use our expertise to provide you with the very best talent for your requirements. You will benefit from our full product offering, a bespoke service and peace of mind in securing the very best new team members.

Together we’re transforming the way we work

In today's world, collaboration has emerged as a cornerstone of growth and innovation. We are delighted to partner with Oyster to be able to provide you with the very best talent in an efficient and cost effective way. 
We have vast experience in working with organisations all over the world from various sectors, helping them to grow their teams with the very best talent. We use the latest tools, our organic network and events to ensure we are always present and speaking with people on the cusp of new trends. 
Areas We can Support You On: 
  • Technology (Software and Hardware)
  • Data Engineering 
  • Product and Project Management 
  • Pre/Post Sales Engineers
  • Business Analyst
  • Project Transformation and Business Change
This partnership enables you to rest assured that you will be talking to the very best people and regardless of location you will be able to hire them through the Oyster platform. Through this partnership you will be eligible for our full offering giving you the use of all of our features at a discounted rate. 
Features of This Partnership: 
  • Exclusive partnership between Initi8 and Oyster to bring you the best talent 
  • Expert market insight, mapping and candidate sourcing 
  • A Tailored approach to suit your processes 
  • Guaranteed results and peace of mind when growing your team 
As we embark on this exciting venture, it is important to recognise that partnerships are more than mere collaborations; they represent a union of talents and resources, all aimed at achieving a common goal and therefore we have ensured that this partnership feels like an extension of your team and we will be here to support you all the way through the process and getting your new team members on board.
Growing your team is exciting and we are looking forward to supporting you in this!

Key Features

  • Global Talent sourced by experts enabling you to focus on growing your organisation 
  • Bespoke approach to fit in your processes 
  • Discounted service through the Oyster partnership and full access to Initi8 Products
  • We will assess and advise on interview processes in line with market trends to give you the best chance of securing the right person
  • Fully supported service through interviews, offer process and also once onboarded 
  • Dedicated Account Manager who will be your point of contact