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Slite combines powerful knowledge management features with instant, AI-driven access to information, bringing growing teams a single source of truth they can actually trust. 

Together we’re transforming the way we work

Using Slite and Oyster together will teams onboard global employees, document, discuss and decide asynchronously to thrive in a remote work environment.

Key Features

  • AI-assistant Ask - a generative AI-powered way to query your knowledge base. Skip searching and reading through endless docs and get the answer you know is there in an instant.
  • Doc Verification - a way to mark a doc as a validated source of truth. Docs can be verified with different validity periods, so there's no need to Slack for the latest. Your team can trust what's on Slite and get on with their work, informed.
  • Analytics - a way to see the insights on how the knowledge base content is being consumed. Keep track of what your team's reading, searching for, and whether your newest doc reached everyone needed.
  • Intuitive Editor - an easy-to-adopt and fast editor that doesn't get in your way and allows you to focus on the content.

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Supported Regions


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