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Torre makes it easy to hire the best-matching global talent to build a high-performing, long-lasting team.

Together we’re transforming the way we work

Torre.ai is a game-changing platform for modern recruitment and talent management. Whether you're seeking to attract top-notch candidates or streamline your candidate sorting process, Torre.ai has got you covered.

Our platform not only helps you import and sort your existing candidate database but also offers over 20+ talent acquisition channels to effortlessly attract candidates. What sets us apart is our advanced candidate-matching technology that instantly compares your job postings with over 1.6 million global candidates in our database, notifying potential matches automatically.

 Whether you prefer a self-service experience or full delegation, Torre.ai is your partner in improving recruitment speed, fulfillment rates, accuracy, and cost-efficiency, transforming the way you find and retain talent.

Key Features

  • Torre ATS pro:
Self-service: Post a job listing, and have Torre find candidates for you from
our internal candidate database.
  • Torre managed recruiting:
Fully delegate your recruiting with a white-glove service, account managers, and our fastest-guaranteed candidate results.
  • Torre boost:
Post a job listing, and have Torre find candidates from the internal database and over 26 external sources.

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Supported Regions

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