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LifeLabs Learning

LifeLabs Learning is the source for instantly useful, delightfully unusual, science-backed learning. We teach skills to build passionate, high-performing managers and teams, faster. We support over 2,000 clients around the world (e.g., Venmo, BlackRock, Kaiser Permanente, Andreessen Horowitz, Yale, Glossier, and Lyft) through live workshops, digital tools, and organizational consulting.

Together we’re transforming the way we work

LifeLabs Learning equips managers and teams with the skills to thrive in a distributed environment. Not only is this lens incorporating into all of our workshops, but we also have specific programming to skill up individuals in hybrid management.

Key Features

Our learning programs are designed to work with human nature, not against it. They are:

1) Lab-based and research-driven

2) Instantly useful and proven to stick over time -  99% of those who take our workshops say that they’re still putting new skills to use 3 months later!

3) Hands-on and refreshing - 95% of participants say our programs are engaging

4) Taught live (onsite or virtually)

5) Focused on 'tipping point' skills - the small changes that have a big impact

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