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Hired connects you to an unrivaled network of qualified, mission-driven technical talent who are actively looking for their next full-time or contract opportunity — and who are eager to make an impact.

Increasingly, in-demand technical talent such as developers, product managers, data scientists, and UX/UI designers are opting out of the traditional job search. With private Hired profiles, they can signal when they are actually looking and state exactly what they want from their next opportunity.

Together we’re transforming the way we work

Fast-growing startups are now able to hire anyone from anywhere in the world. Find the perfect candidates in any country using Hired, then use Oyster to facilitate compliant hiring and payroll for your internationally distributed team.

Key Features

  • Unlimited hiring
  • Remote hiring filtering (working hours, time-zone, hybrid preferences, etc)
  • Bias reduction mode, salary bias alerts, candidate assessments, diversity goals (highly intuitive sorting based on first-party data)

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Supported Regions


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